Where are my investments held, and are they safe?
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All the investments you have in your Dodl account(s) are looked after by AJ Bell and held by its nominee company (a separate company within AJ Bell that has no liabilities which could impact your investments).

Your investments are held completely separately from AJ Bell's assets to give them greater protection.🔒 And transactions on your investments will only be carried out if you've submitted an order to do so (or in other circumstances covered in the T&Cs). Your investments are recorded in AJ Bell's systems, and regularly checked against rigorous procedures and controls as per FCA rules.

If a fund manager were to go bust and you lost money as a result, you would be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000. But shares aren’t covered, and if a fund failed due to poor performance, that wouldn’t be covered either.

You’ll find more information about the compensation arrangements from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme at FSCS.org.uk.

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