What is Dodl?
Written by Sadie Cash
Updated over a week ago

Dodl is your easy-to-use, no-nonsense investment app – brought to you by AJ Bell, one of the UK's leading investment platforms. βœ…

Never invested before? Dodl makes it feel easy. By removing the fear factor and demystifying the seemingly complex world that is investing, you'll have the confidence to take control of your financial future.

When you download Dodl you can choose from four different types of account to invest through, and a straightforward range of AJ Bell funds, themed investments and shares. Find out more about Dodl's accounts and investment range on the website.

Finally, Dodl doesn't offer you any investing advice, but there's a brilliant support team on hand, via the in-app chat or email, to help you at every step on your investing journey.

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