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Why choose Dodl?
Written by Sadie Cash
Updated over a week ago

Whether it's your first time investing or you've done it all before, Dodl is your low-cost, little-effort investment app making it all feel that bit easier.

Yet simple as Dodl is, you’ve still got loads of investing elbow room, with four account types and a wide range of leading funds and shares to choose from. Even better, you’ll have learning opportunities to help you make informed decisions at every turn. From choosing an investment account to selecting your investments, you'll have resources on hand to make your calls with confidence.

The app has been designed to feel easy and familiar from the word go. But if ever you come across something which doesn’t make sense or you need a little help, Team Dodl are just a message away, ready to support you.

As well as all that simplicity and support, Dodl has experience and security on its side too. It’s brought to you by AJ Bell, a multi-award-winning, FCA-regulated investment platform that’s been in the game for over 25 years. ✅

With Dodl, investing needn’t be expensive either. The charges are low, simple and transparent.

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