What can I invest in with my pension?
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You can pick anything from the straightforward range of investments, which includes funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and shares. The range has been specially designed to make investing easier for you. πŸ‘Œ

β€’ AJ Bell funds – Ready-made investment portfolios, built and balanced by the experts at AJ Bell. Just choose the risk level that suits you, then you’re away.

β€’ Pension builder fund - A standard, low-cost pension investment option powered by the AJ Bell balanced fund. More about the pension builder fund.

β€’ Themed investments – Index funds and ETFs from some of the biggest investment providers. These funds track a wide range of sectors, regions and trends.

β€’ Shares – Own a portion of a big-name brand by investing directly in some of the best known UK and US companies.

❗ Just remember, you'll need to choose your own investments with Dodl, and no advice or recommendations on what to choose is provided. But there's plenty of helpful investment info and useful getting started articles available in the app, which'll give you a leg up on your investing journey!

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