What is the pension builder fund?

More about Dodl's standard pension investment option

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What is the pension builder fund?

The pension builder fund is your simple, ready-made investment option, that helps you get off the mark investing in your Dodl pension – if you need that help. Behind the name is AJ Bell's balanced fund, which is built and managed by the AJ Bell experts.

Why is the pension builder fund offered?

Unlike a workplace pension, your Dodl pension doesn't have a default investment option that your savings are automatically funneled into each time you add cash to it. Instead, you control what your money goes into, choosing from Dodl's full range of AJ Bell funds, themed investments and shares.

For many people this greater control over where their pension savings are invested is a plus. But for someone with less confidence in choosing their own investments, more options could pose a bit of a problem – and they may end up not investing their pension at all.

But leaving your pension in cash over the long term, instead of investing it, could mean inflation eats away at its value. This has been highlighted by the Financial Conduct Authority (the UK’s financial services regulator) as something that could lead to worse outcomes for pension savers.

So to help everyone get their cash invested as soon as possible, self-invested pension providers now offer a standard, low-cost investment option. Dodl's is the pension builder fund, and it'll be pointed out to you at the very beginning of your investing journey.

Who is the pension builder fund for?

It might be right for you if:

  • You're after a ready-made 'hands-off' pension investment, managed for you by the AJ Bell experts

  • You're aiming for steady pension growth without taking too much risk

  • You're just starting out investing and/or not quite ready to build your own investment portfolio

  • You're looking to invest for the long-term

It might be wrong right for you if:

  • You’re a confident investor, and want to choose your own shares and funds

  • You’d prefer a higher-risk investment (remember, the pension builder is powered by the AJ Bell balanced fund)

While Dodl's pension builder fund is meant for those who might need a leg up investing their pension, it isn't tailored to your individual circumstances. That means it isn’t built or managed for your specific needs, goals, or stage of life, and it isn’t a personal recommendation.

Not sure if the pension builder fund is right for you? That's why we offer the full range of Dodl investments alongside it, and you can always start with the pension builder and change your investments later. If you're still unsure what to invest in, speaking to a qualified financial adviser about your pension and investments options can help.

🔔 Always remember, the value of investments can change, and you could lose money as well as make it.

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