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Transferring into your pension
What do I need to check before transferring a pension to Dodl?
What do I need to check before transferring a pension to Dodl?
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You can easily transfer most UK pensions to Dodl. But before you decide whether to transfer yours, you'll need to make a few important checks to make sure you understand what you're leaving and where you're going. πŸ‘‡

πŸ“§ Get in touch with your existing pension provider. Check if you'll be charged to transfer out from them, and whether transferring out would mean losing any guaranteed benefits

πŸ’Ό If you transfer a workplace pension which your employer currently pays into, you'll miss out on their future contributions (the Dodl pension doesn't accept employer contributions - sorry!).

βš– Compare the charges and investment options you have with your existing provider to Dodl's charges and investment options - to make sure transferring is the right choice for you.

πŸ€” If you’re ever unsure about whether transferring is the right choice, contact a financial adviser to talk it through with.

πŸ“š And finally, it’s always worth checking out the MoneyHelper guide on pension transfers.

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