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How do I transfer my Dodl account to another provider?
How do I transfer my Dodl account to another provider?
Written by Team Dodl
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It'd be a shame to see you go! πŸ˜” So if there's anything the team can do to support you with your account, please do reach out.

But if you're set on transferring to a new provider, you'll need to begin the transfer by contacting them first. Give your new provider all your Dodl account details, and they’ll contact us to start the process.

From Dodl's side of things, it's possible to transfer your account out to your new provider as cash or investments. But do just check that how you want to transfer is possible with your new provider - they may not be able to accept one of your investments as it is, for example. And if your new provider only accepts a cash transfer, you'll need to sell your investments with Dodl, before your transfer can go ahead.

We will work with your new provider to transfer your account to them as quickly as possible. But so you can keep a rough timeframe in mind for this, cash transfers out can take up to 4 weeks and transfers involving investments ('in specie' transfers) can take up to 8 weeks to complete. πŸ“…

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