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What types of account does Dodl offer?
What types of account does Dodl offer?
Written by Sadie Cash
Updated over a week ago

With Dodl you can open these accounts:

- investment ISA

- lifetime ISA

- pension

- general investment account

Before you open one, read the account’s key information carefully, to make sure it’s right for you. All Dodl accounts are investment accounts, giving you the chance to grow your savings by getting it in the markets. But this does mean you could lose money as well as make it.

With Dodl, if you're eligible, you can open one of each type of account. Having more than one type of account could work for you if you’ve multiple financial goals. 🚀 You might, say, want to invest towards your first home using a lifetime ISA, while investing towards your retirement using a pension. Also, you may want to invest for your first home in a different way than for your retirement. Having different accounts lets you do that.

Dodl doesn't offer cash savings accounts (we're all about investing cash!), joint investment accounts, business accounts or children's investment accounts. But if you’d like to see any of these accounts offered in future, please let the team know.

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