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What interest is paid on the cash held in my Dodl account?
What interest is paid on the cash held in my Dodl account?
Written by Team Dodl
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The current rate of interest paid on the uninvested cash in your Dodl account(s) is 0%.

As your Dodl account is an investment account, it's primarily designed to give you the opportunity to grow your savings by investing them in funds and shares - not through interest earned on cash (as you'd usually get with savings accounts).

If the interest rate changes, the new rate will be posted in this article and on the charges page of the website.

Banks do pay AJ Bell for the total money held with them for all AJ Bell customers, including Dodl customers. The amount a bank pays varies, depending on the total cash held with them and the market interest rates. For now, AJ Bell expects these payments to be between 1.15% below and 0.15% above the current Bank of England base rate – but it could be higher or lower if interest rates are changeable. These payments are kept by AJ Bell to help keep your Dodl charges low.

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