How do I buy an investment?
Written by Team Dodl
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To buy an investment, just log in and browse the investment range. Once you've chosen an investment, tap 'invest' to place an order to buy it, or 'invest monthly' to set up a monthly investment in it.

You can then choose the account you want to buy the investment in, and the amount you want to invest. After you've read the investment’s key details and charges, and you’re happy with the details of your order, you can submit it. If you submit your order before the daily cut-off time of 3pm, 🕘 it will usually be processed the same day. But if you submit after the cut-off time, it will be processed the next working day.

Dodl will take the wheel from here, processing your order or setting up your monthly investment. After your order’s been processed, a contract note (basically your order 'receipt') will be sent to your account – and you’ll get a notification to tell you. Shares will usually arrive in your account straight after this, but funds can take a little longer – usually around 2-3 working days after you get your contract note.

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