How do I sell an investment?
Written by Sadie Cash
Updated over a week ago

You can sell all, or some, of an investment you have in your account. Just tap the investment you want to sell from your account’s portfolio and select 'sell investment'. You'll then be able place your order to sell all, or some, of it. If you submit your order before the daily cut-off time of 3pm, 🕘 it will usually be processed the same day. But if you submit after the cut-off time, it will be processed the next working day.

You’ll see an estimated sale value as you’re placing your order. It’s only an estimate, because this is based on the latest available price when you place your order. The actual price you’ll get will be the price when your order is processed. You’ll see the price for your sale on your contract note (basically your order 'receipt') – which will be sent to you once your order has been processed. The cash from your sale will take a few days to arrive in your account.

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